Jim Zeoli for Orange A Proven Record of Leadership

“We will continue to implement sound fiscal policies from both a cost reduction and revenue generation standpoint to ease the burden on taxpayers. We have had great success with our commercial economic development and will continue to pursue the growth of our commercial tax base with a comprehensive, well thought-out plan. Together with my Republican team, I will continue to support and improve our schools which are among the best in the state. We have always and will continue to help our senior citizens stay in Orange and maintain a comfortable lifestyle in our town.” Jim Zeoli

Our Candidates:

Board of Selectmen
Judy Wright Williams
John J. Carangelo
Ralph G. Okenquist

Board of Finance
Kevin Houlihan
James Leahy

Planning and Zoning
Judy Smith
Ralph Aschettino

Tax Collector
Sandra D. Pierson

Orange Board of Education
William Kraut
Ken Ziman
Kenneth M. Vitelli

Amity Board of Education
John C. Belfonti
Christopher Browe
Shannan Carlson
George Howard

Jody Daymon 
Jeff Vargo
Glen Papelo
Mike Donadeo


Continue to control spending with efficient town management
Continue protect our home values by maintaining and improving our exceptional schools
Continue developing programs and services for seniors to help them stay in Orange.
Continue to modernize our facilities and infrastructure
Continue to expand our grand list by supporting economic development
Continue protecting our quality of life with prudent open space purchases
Continue our inclusive and transparent local government.



At the Republican caucus held on July 17, Jim Zeoli was once again unanimously nominated as candidate for First Selectman.

During his acceptance remarks, Jim spoke about one of the first projects he took on as First Selectman, the Fieldstone Village.

“This project was rejected by the previous Democratic administration. When I came into office I took it on and reconnected with the developer. After two years of effort, the project moved forward. Fieldstone is now one of our top taxpayers and a wonderful neighborhood.

This was made possible by the efforts of many talented people in legal and on the Boards of Finance and Zoning.” said Jim Zeoli.

Fieldstone Village is just one of many economic development successes that Jim Zeoli and his team have achieved. Sound management has enabled us to maintain our AAA bond rating and keep control of taxes, despite the many economic challenges facing our State.

“We have accomplished miles of road improvements, and many projects for our schools and other town buildings. Improvements continue, including soon-to-be completed renovations to High Plains Community Center. We have dotted every “i” and crossed every “t” to gain state funding for projects including the Derby Milford Road Bridge and for future developments.” said Jim Zeoli.

We are proud of our Republican Team, those dedicated and talented people who run Orange from behind the scenes and on our boards and commissions. Working with the First Selectman, these are the people responsible for the efficient running of our town government.

We are fielding a strong group of experienced incumbents along with highly qualified new candidates.

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