Jim Zeoli A Proven Record of Leadership

“We will continue to implement sound fiscal policies from both a cost reduction and revenue generation standpoint to ease the burden on taxpayers. We have had great success with our commercial economic development and will continue to pursue the growth of our commercial tax base with a comprehensive, well thought-out plan.

Together with my Republican team, I will continue to support and improve our schools which are among the best in the state. We have always and will continue to help our senior citizens stay in Orange and maintain a comfortable lifestyle in our town.”

Jim Zeoli

Tuesday November 2





  • Control spending with efficient town management.
  • Support our children by maintaining and improving our exceptional schools.
  • Continue developing programs and services for seniors.
  • Modernize our facilities and infrastructure.
  • Expand our commercial grand list by supporting economic development.
  • Protect our quality of life with prudent open space purchases.
  • Continue our inclusive and transparent local government.
  • Maintain our AAA Bond rating helping to keep taxes under control.


Economic Growth

Protecting Open Space

Fund Balance and Your Taxes

Improving Our Infrastructure

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Dynamic Economic Development

Jim’s team has built an environment resulting in dynamic economic growth, attracting numerous new businesses. In the past 4 years alone, over $180 million has been invested here.

New Fire Lite Commons Development

Senior Facility now building on Indian River Road

FedEx Freight Distribution Center






Jim’s team upgraded the Town’s website allowing residents to receive notices and updates on all town business. orange-ct.gov

All meetings of our Boards and Commissions in Orange are open to the public and include public participation. Access to our First Selectman has been and remains available to those who choose to take advantage. Jim meets with many town residents during various hours in the day, including evenings.


Protecting Open Space

Jim’s policies have increased our protected open spaces by over 50% since 2005.

A prime example of this successful policy is the purchase of Race Brook Country Club. All Selectmen, both Democrat and Republican, voted in favor of the purchase. Voters in referendum approved the purchase. Now this 287 acre green space is protected for current residents and future generations.


Our Fund Balance ("Rainy Day Fund") and Your Taxes

Republican leaders of the Orange Board of Finance have worked diligently with all members to meet the needs of our community by budgeting for town services and excellent schools cost-effectively.

In addition to town services and infrastructure improvements, over 62% of the Orange budget supports our schools.

We prudently use our Fund Balance (“Rainy Day Fund”) for emergencies and capital projects. In 2021-2022 we allocated $1.7 million for projects including paving town roads.

We help secure our AAA Bond rating by protecting our fund balance. Our top rating lowers the cost of borrowing.



Improving our infrastructure

Paving of Town Roads Completed with More to Come

Fred Wolfe Park Field Expansion Completed. The playground committee continues its work to create plans for a “destination playground” for all ages and abilities. The design includes wheelchair-accessible paths, climbing and spinning structures, a big slide, swings, and a sensory play area.

High Plains Community Center Renovation

Derby-Milford Road Bridge Completed